Yvette Klubusova - product and food photographer
Czech-born product and food photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Yvette Klubusova, specializes in capturing the beauty and essence of food. She shares her fond for food and culinary arts with a growing online presence through Instagram where she offers a glimpse into her creative process and latest projects.

Having an exceptional eye for detail and a deep understanding of lighting and composition, enables her to create stunning visuals showcasing the unique qualities of each subject or product.
 Approaching each project with creativity, professionalism, and dedication to excellence is the key to capturing the magic, whether working on a commercial shoot or creating content for her social media.

A collaborative approach is the core of every project with her clients, their vision and goals are at the forefront of every decision. 
From concept to the final shot, she dedicated herself to creating visual art that not only looks beautiful but also tells a story, inspires action, and enhances brand recognition.

I'm available for recipe development, food styling, and product & food photography for your webpage, social media, blog, cookbooks, and other marketing materials.

You can find contact information here

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